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Bruce O'Donnell, Principal, Starboard Realty Group

"SUPA is well versed in best practices for transit-oriented development and parking management solutions to encourage less reliance on single-occupant vehicles. John’s expertise in community engagement and equitable land-use policy helps development and communities win."


Tim Fredregill, Development Exec., Milender White

"SUPA marries cutting-edge research with practical solutions to find win/win solutions for developers and municipalities. John’s background in research positions SUPA to offer expert guidance and support."


George Thorn, President, Mile High Development

"John is extremely knowledgeable in transit-oriented development and multimodal mobility. His quick study and sound advice help to productively navigate between public and private actors and across development disciplines to advance complex projects."


Matt Frommer, Sr. Transportation Assoc., SWEEP

" John is smart, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. His extensive network, depth of knowledge, and passion for creating livable and affordable urban spaces were instrumental in the success of our project."

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