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The three-legged stool: an apt metaphor for the inextricable relationships between environmental sensitivity, social equity, and economic vitality. SUPA LLC is committed to balancing these tenets to help communities thrive.



Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

Balancing investment and benefit for equitable opportunity

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Parking & Mobility 

Curbing the car in dynamic and multimodal districts

Image by Austin Distel


Building consensus to reach mutually supportive outcomes




Supported low-income housing tax credit applications for Beeler Park Flats and Metro Center Affordable, including site design, financial analysis, market study, and narrative development.


Recommended parking supply at subject property for low-income housing tax credit application based on study of parking supply and demand at comparable properties in Metro Denver.


Researched best practices in mobility-demand management and proposed multimodal investment strategies in line with Denver’s East Colfax Avenue bus rapid transit service.

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Entitled properties for transit-oriented, infill, and mixed-use development inMetro Denver, including parking management studies and presentations to municipal staff.


Collaborated with the developer to submit an application for joint development to redevelop a Denver-area park-and-ride facility for mixed-income housing and ground-floor retail.

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Worked with the developer to submit an application for joint development to redevelop a portion of a Denver-area park-and-ride facility for transit-supportive affordable housing.

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Conducted a study of comparable properties’ parking supply and demand regarding the developer’s Fourth Street North multifamily apartment building in Silverthorne, CO.


Studied comparable properties’ parking supply and demand relative to the developer’s Reserve at Spencer multifamily mixed-income apartment building in St Peters, MO.


Supported the City’s negotiation with RTD to reduce station-area parking supply in order to foster catalytic and transit-supportive redevelopment in Englewood City Center.


Advised coordination with agency partners and developers regarding redevelopment of the US 36 & McCaslin West Station Park-and-Ride for mixed-income, mixed-use development.


Contributed to the City’s Framework for Equitable Mobility-Oriented Development, an initiative funded by the Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities program.



John Hersey, AICP, LEED AP ND

Founding Principal

John has worked at the intersection of multimodal mobility and community development for more than 15 years, including roles with municipal, regional, state, and federal transportation-planning agencies, affordable-housing intermediaries, and colleges in Boston, Denver, and Washington DC. 

John earned a bachelor's degree in sustainable urban planning and a master's degree in regional planning from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, a master's degree in real estate development from the University of Maryland - College Park, and various professional certificates. 

Living in Colorado since 2016, John enjoys exploring the great outdoors and learning in the living laboratory of great places.

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